Peter Mitrano

I am a PhD student at the University of Michigan advised by Professor Dmitry Berenson. I started in the fall of 2018 after I completed my Bachelors in Robotics Engineering and Bachelors in Computer Science at WPI.


My research interests include planning and learning for robotics, controls, and machine learning. In my personal time, I enjoy rock climbing, woodworking, and a wide variety of music.

As a freshman at WPI, I worked as a research assistant for Russell Torris, under Dr. Sonia Chernova. I also worked with Dr. Chernova for a summer at Georgia Tech. I was treated as a graduate student, and my research focused on using demonstration to improve indoor robot navigation.

I have worked with Professor Carlo Pinciroli on a swarm robotics project. We are studing the space of possible behaviors for memoryless computeless robots, specifically showing that they are capable of n-class segregation with a single primitive sensor and no communication. You can learn more by reading the paper we wrote for the project as a part of the Swarm Intelligence course at WPI.

I also worked with Professor Scott Barton on the intersection of machine learning and music. As a musician myself, this is an interesting application of machine learning.


Using Recurrent Neural Networks to Judge Fitness in Musical Genetic Algorithms


Worcester Polytechnic Institute - BS in Computer Science, BS in Robotics Engineering

3.95 GPA


Uber ATG Pittsburgh

I worked on the problem of predicting future paths of actors detected by the autonomous vehicle. My work consisted mostly of software engineering.

Open Source Robotics

At OSRF, I worked on the Gazebo robot simulator. I worked on getting Gazebo running on windows, and on allowing high school students in the FIRST Robotics Competition to use Gazebo as a simulator for their robots.


I currently have 190+ repositories on my github. My favorite projects include


You can view a PDF form of my resume here.

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